Northern Light Dog Adventure AS is a small, family-run business established in 2013.

We are located in the picturesque valley of Lakselvdalen in Arctic Norway, just a one-hour drive from the region’s largest city, Tromsø. Our basecamp is surrounded by stunning Arctic mountains.

We offer guided dog sledding trips for individuals or small groups. We offer packages including return transfers from Tromsø or you can come earlier and provide your own transport. The latter is ideal if you are staying in a cabin nearby or wish to try dog sledding then continue by rental car to your next destination.

We have 30 friendly Alaskan Huskies. We have more than 14 years’ experience with dog sledding. Our head guide, Thomas Jacobsen, has participated in Finnmarksløpet, Europe’s longest dog sled race.

Our philosophy is quality over quantity. We focus on small groups and want every guest to have the best experience possible. We want you to spend more time having fun and less time (or none at all) waiting. We adapt the length of each trip to suit the weather conditions and the skill/fitness of the group. We provide all the gear you need and start every trip with a briefing about the basics, so it’s fun and safe for all involved – the people as well as the dogs!

Our location